Eliminate Bore Seizure

Cartridge Heaters Eliminate Bore Seizure – View Video

The patented split-sheath design of the Watt-Flex cartridge heater reduces your heater change-out costs by preventing heater bore seizure.

Dalton Electric will replace, free of charge, any Watt-Flex Heater that cannot be withdrawn from a properly sized bore.

What causes conventional heaters to warp and bind?

In conventional cylindrical heaters, temperature can vary from one side of the heater diameter to the other. These differentials are caused by heat deflection within a close fitting bore, and are the most frequent cause of heater warping and binding during removal.


How the Watt-Flex Split-Sheath prevents bore seizure:

With the Watt-Flex heaters' unique split-sheath design, each half of the heater expands and contracts independently.


When energized, the heater expands to make intimate contact with the bore wall. When de-energized the sheath contracts for ease of removal:

Dalton Electric's standard warranty covers the removal of Watt-Flex Heaters from bores, provided that the bore fit is a minimum of 0.005" and there is no bore contamination to cause seizure.

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