Maximize Heat Transfer

The unique split-sheath design of the Watt-Flex Cartridge Heater allows the independent, bilateral expansion of each half of the heater outward against the walls of the surrounding bore.

The result is greatly improved heat transfer under normal fit conditions of .005" to .007", assuring superior heat transfer, more uniform process heat, greater efficiency, and reduced consumption of electricity. If bores are oversized from previous use and drill-outs, the bilateral sheath expansion will maximize heater-to-bore contact for the most efficient conduction heating.

  Conventional Cartridge Heater   Watt-Flex Heater Energized   Watt-Flex Heater De-energized
Limited to ordinary thermal expansion, cannot compensate for oversized bores.   The unique bi-lateral expansion of an energized Watt-Flex cartridge heater produces superior metal-to-metal contact with the surrounding bore, thereby maximizing heat transfer.   When de-energized, the Watt-Flex heater contracts for easy removal from bore.

Bore Seizure

Uneven Heat

Cost of Heating