Price Increase

Price Increase

Price Increase


2018 was a very healthy year for our company and we enjoyed growth with most of our

key customers and distributors.  The loyalty and success that we have enjoyed is

testament to the value of our heaters by supporting continuing decreases in the Cost

of Heating for users.  Additionally, the prompt service that we provide in response to

your requirements positions us high in the list of go-to vendors for most distributors.


We held our pricing for the entire year, which gave all of you consistent pricing over the

last two years.  During 2018 we have seen double-digit increases in the cost of tubing

and increases in heater components that far exceed our standard biannual price increases.

Also we have seen some increase in labor costs, fueled by a more competitive labor

market and annual increases in healthcare costs of 8%.


At the beginning of February we will be increasing prices on Watt-Flex® split-sheath

cartridge heaters and Diff-Therm® vacuum diffusion pump heaters.  The increase will

be roughly 4%, which averages 2% per year.  We are pleased to be able to limit the

increase to these numbers and are hopeful that we can keep them stable for another

two years.  An electronic copy of the new Trade Price list is available upon request

to your Regional Manager.


It is also necessary to repeat our mantra that we do not sell the Price of the Heater …

we sell Cost of Heating.  We continually encounter situations in which: 

     *  Longer heater life reduces the cost of heaters purchased each year.Elimination  

        of bore seizure cuts Maintenance hours … often times more thathe price of a

        new heater.

    *  Decrease in machine downtime … always more costly than a new heater. 

We are confident that Dalton Electric will continue to be the leader in reducing the

Cost of Heating and your choice for high performance cartridge heaters.



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