Last year we hired a new ad agency to build a suite of new advertising

and promotional materials. They also created our new tagline –

“Trust the Dalton Difference”

We now have a series of advertisements that focus on our solution to

common problems customers face;  Bore Seizure, Uneven Heat,  

Reduced Cost of Heating, 50% Longer Lasting Heaters, and

Precision Heat for Super Savings.


Trust the Dalton Difference also means when you call, you reach a live

person, who knows you, who is helpful and knowledgeable. 

The difference also means quotes and orders are responded to

within an hour.  Our delivery is 3 weeks (not 4 to maybe 6 weeks).  

You also get our 100 years of know-how and unmatched quality and

performance giving maintenance managers other things to lose sleep over.


But what really separates Dalton from everyone else, is our ability to routinely 

perform the impossible. 


Yesterday a customer called in a dire emergency.  Their customer was

down and needed just one heater, it was both long and complex.  We sprang

into action.  We found a heater that was slightly shorter but could be used

in the application.  The heater was dried over-night, header welded, lead

wires attached and will be on a FEDEX plane this afternoon. 


Once again, Dalton does the impossible, crisis averted, and the legendary

Dalton Difference lives on.


Friday Funnies

Q:     How does a snowman get around?

A:     On an i-Cycle!


Q:     Where does a polar bear keep his money?

A:     In a snow bank!


Q:     Why don’t Mt. get cold in the winter?

A:     They wear snow caps!


Q:     What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

A:     Frosted Flakes!


Q:     What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?   

A:      Frost-Bite


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