Diode - Misunderstood Option

Diode - Misunderstood Option

Diode – Misunderstood Option


di·ode  /ˈdīˌōd/  noun a semiconductor device with two terminals,

typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. Diodes

are also known as rectifiers because they change alternating

current (ac) into direct current (dc).


There are times when an Request For Quote (RFQ) is received,

we enter the heater specifications into our heater configurator

and we are notified that the coil wire is too fine to manufacture.

In these instances we typically ask if two heaters of half voltage

can be used in a series connection. This typically allows the coil

wire diameter to increase up to 5 gauge sizes.


This is not always possible or desirable to the customer.  Or the

user may prefer our heater due to the exclusive “hot tip” feature

or because of bore seizure problems. In those circumstances,

using a diode in-line with one of the power lead wires may be a

great solution.


Installing an in-line diode with a resistor allows the current to flow

in only one direction.  This blocks the current when the polarity of

the AC voltage reverses and effectively reduces the wattage in half. 


With this in mind, we can double the wattage to increase the coil

wire up to the next gauge size and in many cases allows us to

wind a suitable resistance coil for the heater. This concept was

proven by one of our engineers who measured amperage of a

heater without a diode. And when a diode was added “In-line” to

one of the power leads the amperage was reduced in half.


Using Ohms Law:  Watts = Volts x Amperes this is confirmed.

Although diodes are rarely used, they can sometimes make the

difference between a sale and a referral to another heater. You

may want to discuss this option further with your Regional Sales

Manager  in order to discuss the particulars of using a diode

such as its’ size and the need to by-pass the diode to check resistance.





  Friday Funnies


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