Speed Wins

Speed Wins

Speed Wins

In today’s business world, regardless of what industry you’re in,

if you’re not fast, you cannot survive.  Customers expect immediate

response and don’t have time to waste.  At Dalton, responding quickly

is an absolute must.  We know that lead response within hours increases

our chances of winning significantly.  That’s why our response objective

is to address all quotes within an hour.  We know that customers who

don’t hear from you right away will look for alternatives.  Given that the

Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters are different from conventional cartridge

heaters, we have to overcome more to get the sale. Rapid response

becomes synonymous with both innovation and quality and creates a

high expectation in your customer’s mind.


Speed alone will not necessarily get the job done.  To make the right

recommendation, one has to be able to separate critical data from the

non-essential.  Because we focus on our Watt-Flex split sheath design,

we have the experience and knowledge to perform this complicated task

quickly.  The key to a correctly configured fast quote depends on knowing

the few required specifications, which are listed below for easy fast reference. 

Items on the left side are “must have” information and items on the right are

“like-to-have” …

A rapid response will be unnecessarily delayed when these “must have” specifications

are unknown.  Precious time ticks away if you have to go back to the customer with

additional questions.  When it comes to speed, we know we must deliver it every day. 

Dalton has the speed and ability to make the difference and win. 

Trust the Dalton Difference to finish first.





  Friday Fun-osophy


Sometimes you need to unplug your life, wait 60 seconds, and then plug it back in.


Another reason to take the high road…there is less traffic


A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!


If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.


You have three choices in life;

  1. Give up,
  2. Give in,
  3. Give it all you’ve got.


Only dead fish go with the flow.


Sometimes the best thing to get off your chest is your chin.


Greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.

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