Terminal Options

Terminal Options


Terminal Options


Small diameter heaters have small diameter terminal pins into which the lead

wire is crimped.  Generally, this is not a problem because the wattage is not

too high and the amperage is very low.   But if the application requires higher  

amperage-carrying ability or resistance to repeated flexing, larger diameter  

wire must be employed.


When small diameter pins exclude the use of larger gauge wire, the AFX

termination is used.  A tapered pin is used to accommodate the larger O.D.

of the wire and the smaller end is welded onto the terminal pin.


One other benefit of this construction is that the wire is inserted into the termination

with the insulation.  When a wire is crimped into a terminal pin, that crimp becomes

the focus point for any flexing and stress on the wire.  But the AFX termination

includes the insulation and provides support for the wire.  It also displaces the focus

of the stress to a point that includes insulation.


This is an ideal construction if you have a small diameter heater and the need for

higher amperage capacity or protection against finer wire breakage due to flexing

or cycling as in a packaging machine and other sealing operations.



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