Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Quick Guide


I made table below to guide me through the different sizes and heater configurations we

offer and help answer customer questions quickly. I hope this helps you do the same.


“What is the correct bore diameter?”, is a question I get asked most often. The table lists the

minimum bore diameter and eliminates the many variables that influence the bore size,

tolerance and straightness of the hole.


Another feature of this guide provides the cold section length, as measured from the terminal end to

the beginning of the heated section.  Note these dimensions are the minimum cold end length, special

designs can add length to the cold end should your customer need longer cold sections.


For your inventory specialist and inside sales folks, the codes for cold tip, hot tip and distributed wattage

should help make sure your heaters with different designations do not get mixed up in the wrong ‘bin’.


Lastly, our grooved heater information with corresponding thermocouple column simplified

choosing the correct configuration and making sure the right thermocouple was selected.


The chart is attached for easy printing and for your own ‘internal use’. Good selling!



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