Piro Celebrates 20 Years

Piro Celebrates 20 Years

20th Anniversary Celebration


Piro, our chief roll mill operator and resident machine expert celebrated his 20th anniversary today.

Fortune smiled on him the day he met our owner.  At the time, Piro was working 95 hours at 3 jobs,  

to make ends meet.  Shortly after this chance meeting and with encouragement from

our owner, our Production Manager brought Piro on board at Dalton. 


20 years later, Piro, a man with a strong sense of duty to family, work and community continues to take

charge here and at home.  His two grown children are now university educated and out on their own.

Within the Albanian community, Piro has lent a helping hand in bringing many new employees to Dalton.

At Dalton, Piro quickly learned new operations and took on various rolls in Dalton production. 

When a new roll mill was purchased, it was Piro who stepped up to become lead

operator.  We are incredibly proud of and honored to award this hard working employee on his

20th anniversary.  We are blessed to have Piro on our team.




  Friday Funnies


This week our funnies pay homage to the 83rd Masters Tournament now in full swing…


Bobby Jones - said at Augusta’s opening ceremony.

“We want make bogeys easy if frankly sought, pars readily obtainable by standard good play, and birdies

Except on par 5s – dearly bought.”


Chi Chi Rodriguez

“The first time I played the Master, I was so nervous I drank a bottle of rum before I teed off. 

I shot the happiest 83 of my life.”


Fuzzy Zoeller - in describing approaching tee time for the first hole of the Masters.

“The greatest natural laxative in the world.”


Hord Hardin – Masters Chairman

“We could make the greens so slick we’d have to furnish ice skates on the first tee.”


Gary Player - leading off the tournament this year with Jack Nicklaus

“Every shot is within a fraction of disaster.  That’s what makes it so great.”


Gene Sarazen

“You don’t come to Augusta to find your game.  You come here because you’ve got one.”


Seve Bellesteros – when asked about a 4 putt from 15 feet

“I miss, I miss, I miss, I make.”


Tom Weiskopf

“If I knew what was going through Jack Nicklaus’ head, I would have won this golf tournament.”


Jimmy Demaret – asked to comment on bridges dedicated to Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Gene Sarazen

“Hey, I won three times and I never even got an outhouse.”


Fuzzy Zoeller

“I’ve never been to heaven and thinking back on my life I probably won’t get a chance to go.  I guess

winning the Masters is as close as I’m going to get.”


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