Article in Thermal Processing

Article in Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing, April 2019


Over the years Eli forged strong relationships with many people, one in particular

was Dave Gomez of Thermal Design.  Jamie Baker, Dalton’s Marketing

and Sales, reached out to Mr. Gomez this past Fall to relay that Eli was retiring

and to ask for his advertising assistance. Dave agreed to help. Last month Thermal

Processing offered us to be their featured company to profile in April’s edition.

This article relays our commitment to customer service, showcases our product

Offerings, introduces “The Dalton Difference” and highlights the upcoming

100 Year Dalton Anniversary. Thermal Processing has also promoted this

edition/article via their social media as well as a complimentary e-mail blast. 


We owe much to Eli, his legacy and greatest achievement is forming the origins of

the Dalton Difference and fostering it over the years with his consistent example of

care and concern for the people he worked with.

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