Sealing Bar Blues

Sealing Bar Blues

Sealing Bar Blues


While out making calls, our salesman received a call from a maintenance

worker who was installing a new sealing line at a fresh salad packaging plant

nearby.  When he arrived at the plant, the maintenance worker described

the situation.  They had just begun setting up a new sealing machine. The

new machine had less clearance at the terminal end of the sealing bar and

did not allow enough space for the current heater with its protective header.

“I can’t get your heater to fit and I don’t want to go back to using those other

heaters that were always getting stuck and burning out”, he exclaimed. 


The meeting moved out to the floor where the new sealing machine was

located.  They inspected the new unit, took measurements of the clearance

for both the new and the old lines, as well as photographs and talked through

some options.


Removing the header was the only way to get the heater to fit but the rapid

sealing jaw movement and vibration could cause lead wire problems. Further

discussion ensued and the decision was made to RTV pot the heater and

attach a right angle inside clip support.  This configuration secures the lead

wire and protects from vibration and movement as well as wash down.

Moreover, the new design could be used on the old and new design. 


The maintenance worker was thrilled he could still use Dalton heaters and

that one heater could be used in all machines. Watt-Flex® eliminates the

two things folks who do sealing care about most;  bore seizure and uneven heat. 

The fact we Reduce the Total Cost of Heat, is an added bonus! “Trust the

Dalton Difference” to keep you from singing the blues.




Friday Fun Facts


Funny things you might not know about “The Stanley Cup” GO BRUINS!

Lord Stanley was the 1892 Governor General of Canada

The cup on top is the same one from 1899, but the rings below are detachable to allow new teams and players to be etched on…and mistakes are left alone.

1971-72 Bruins name is spelled “Bqstqn Bruins” – likely a disgruntled Montreal etch artist.

It has taken a dip into a pool twice, punted into a canal, and left in a Quebec snow bank

Not your everyday holy relic…two babies have been baptized in the Stanley Cup

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