Teach'em to Fish

Teach'em to Fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you

feed him for a lifetime.” The ancient Chinese proverb perfectly describes this

week’s TGID.


A newly converted customer was using a short high watt density heater and

wanted to go from 100C to 200C.  The customer asked, “What temperature

will the heater get to?”  My reply, “1500 – 1650F”.  “Impossible.” the customer

stated, “my thermocouple readings don’t go above 100C”. 


Convinced our heater was deficient, the customer was adamant something was

wrong the heaters. My attempt to seek additional details about the application

and tooling was thwarted due to its proprietary design. The impasse was finally

broken after sending the Engineering Data page below. 


This new customer was new to cartridge heaters and unfamiliar with how they

worked.  Walking them through the heat study calculation and determining the

required power, they saw for themselves that more heaters were needed.

We at the School of Dalton proudly graduate another student.

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