Stars & Stripes Need You!

Stars & Stripes Need You!

Stars & Stripes Need You!


This Sunday, in a steamy stadium in Lyon France, the US Women’s national team,

aka Stars and Stripes, will be taking on Netherlands to decide the 2019 World Cup

title.  Ever since the New England Patriots began their dynasty in 2001, it has

warped the way fans view the NFL. Every action is, in some way, an effort to best

the Patriots. The same has been true with US women’s soccer.  The USWNT is the

best team in the history of the sport – period.  They are expected to win every

tournament they enter: Anything less than a trophy is a failure.


After breaking the tournament’s scoring record in a 13-0 drubbing of Thailand, and

sailing to the top of the group stage, TEAM USA had to claw their way past top

contender and host France, then narrowly escaped with a victory over England to

earn a spot in the finals.


Are the Americans’ grip on the sport loosening? The Orange squad’s talented young

legs are a big advantage in the sweltering heat of this year’s World Cup.   No doubt,

the gap between the U.S. and its competition is closing. It’s not that the United States

is less talented than in years past—they’re still the most skilled in the game—but that

the rest of the world is catching up.


Tune in this Sunday at 6:00 PM GMT / 11:00am EST to cheer them on!



Friday Funnies


Q:        Where will the US Women’s World Cup soccer team go to dance?

A:        The Futball


Q:        How will women’s team USA cool off in Lyon France this Sunday?

A:        Stand in front of the fans


Q:        Where do women’s US World Cup soccer team shop for uniforms?

A:        New Jersey


Q:        What runs around World Cup Soccer fields but never moves?

A:        The fence


Q:        Which women’s World Cup player has the biggest cleats?

A:        The player with the biggest feet


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