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TGID Newsletters

TGID (Thank Goodness It's Dalton!) Newsletters

Our short and sweet TGID newsletters are emailed every Friday to Dalton distributors. Sometimes you'll find a write up on a new cartridge heater or platen heater application, and other times you'll find tried-and-true selling tips. We also take the time to occasionally spotlight one of our many fine Dalton employees.

One thing you will always find in TGID is our Friday Funnies—this is sure to give you an end-of-week chuckle or smile. We invite you to read, learn, and enjoy TGID!

Mounting Position2016-02-12

Mounting Position

Following our discussion two weeks ago of the tolerance of a heater and positioning of a flange. Another positioning device is our mounting bracket. It is TIG welded onto the heater to control the insertion distance of the heater and also acts as a means to secure the heater into the heat sink.

Flange Tolerance

Like the flange, it carries an "A" and "B" Dimension for positioning. The "B" Dimension exactly controls the insertion and is measured from the tip to the first surface of the bracket. If the "B" Dimension is used, the length tolerance of the heater will be completely outside the bore, and an appropriate cold terminal end must be provided.

In 2010 we provided some erroneous information about the "A" dimension. It is measured from the terminal end of the heater to the first surface of the perpendicular extension of the mounting bracket. We have two mounting brackets ... one of them is used on a 1/2" diameter and the other for a 5/8" diameter heater. The length of the mounting bracket on the heater is .406". The cold terminal end in the heater must be long enough to ensure that the heat is beyond the bracket surface. If there is any question about the positioning of the mounting bracket, the best thing to do is provide a quick sketch of its positioning.



Friday Funnies

Ron Chestna, 89 years of age, was stopped by the police around 2AM and was asked where he was going at that time of night .

Ron replied, "I'm on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late."

The officer asked, "Really? Who's giving that lecture at this time of night?"

Ron replied, "That would be my wife."

With Impunity2016-02-05

Eli Whitney was one of a four-man curling team that competed in the Annual East Coast Senior Curling Championship, held last weekend in Philadelphia. After four days of hard fought contests, his team from Nashua, N.H. won the Bonspiel. Oddly enough and for probably the first time in the history of the Bonspiel (since 1964), two teams from the same curling club competed in the finals of the First Event.


Flange Tolerance


The Nutmeg Stone, shown above, is a beautiful trophy of parquet wood and silver. The plaques list the names of the four-man team that have won the Spiel. On the ivory handle are inscribed the Latin words "Nemo me impune lacessit" which was the motto of the Royal Stuart dynasty of Scotland, the Order of the Thistle and three Scottish Regiments of the British Army. It means: No one 'cuts' (attacks) me with impunity.

The Nutmeg Stone will reside in Nashua in the curling rink until next year when the "Seniors" Bonspiel will be held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Nashua Curling Club will, of course, be defending ... when Hell freezes over, we'll be curling there, too.


Happy New Year


Friday Funnies


It's not just a rock. It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, with a beveled underbelly and a handle a human being can hold. Okay, so in and of itself it looks like it has no practical purpose, but it's a repository of possibility. And, when it's handled just right, it exacts a kind of poetry - as close to poetry as I ever want to get. The way it moves.... Not once, in everything I've done, have I ever felt the same wonder and humanity as when I'm playing the game of curling.
~Paul Gross, John Krizanc, and Paul Quarrington, Men with Brooms

Seen on a shirt: "My drinking team has a curling problem."

Insertion Depth2016-01-29

This issue has come up recently, so we will share the contents of a Newsletter from about 6 years ago: Tolerance comes into play when a flange or mounting bracket is added to a Watt-Flex® cartridge heater. Length tolerance is +/- 3% up to 20" length and +/- 2% over 20". So if your heater is 38" long, the tolerance is +/- ¾".

Positioning a flange or mounting bracket on a heater requires consideration of the length and corresponding heated section. The flange can be affixed to the heater with a measurement from the terminal end ("A" dimension) or from the tip end to the flange ("B" dimension). The "B" dimension controls the insertion distance and consideration must be applied to ensure that the cold section of the heater at the terminal end is long enough to have the heated section beyond the flange if the heater is at the long side of its tolerance.

Flange Tolerance


If the flange is specified using the "A" dimension, the insertion will vary with the length tolerance of the heater. The critical consideration becomes making sure that the heated section is still in the bore at the tip end if the heater is at the longest side of its length tolerance. We will always get back with you if we sense any reason for concern with your design.


Happy New Year


Friday Funnies


A young salesperson peeped into the office of someone who looked like a sales manager, muttered something then started walking away. After retreating a little he seemed to change his mind, seemed to head back to the door, where after some hesitation, he started to back away again. The sales manager, feeling sorry for the young man, and surprised that he was so badly trained, called him in.

"You're a salesman aren't you? What are you selling?"

"Sir ... uh ... yes ... I'm a salesman. I'm sorry to bother you. I was selling expensive pens, but I'm sure you already have one. Sorry to have wasted your time."

Feeling sorry for the young bungler, the sales manager bought two pens to give the young salesman some confidence and then started teaching him about selling. He said: "You should have different pre-planned approaches for different kinds of--"

"But I do, sir," the young salesman interrupted, "the one I just used is my planned approach for sales managers. It always works. Thank you!"

Writing off Customers2016-01-22

Early in my Dalton Electric career I spent seven years trying to close a customer. No matter what I tried, I was frustrated by roadblocks and lack of any response. After a particularly good session and support from their Engineering Department, I went back to Purchasing with a request for the list of the heater specifications. After several weeks of calls to secure the list, the Purchasing Agent told me that his secretary didn't have time to type up the specs.

I wrote this customer off, but as a parting shot across the bow, I wrote to the President of the company, airing my enthusiasm, the perfect fit and performance of our heaters for them and the litany of excuses and lack of response that I had received. One week later the P.A. was gone and the President's secretary sent me the list. To this day, they remain one of our very large and valued customers.

There are occasions when customers have immediate needs that you can address ... but not often. Delays in decision making are pretty standard today and the key to securing the sale is managing the prospect over time. If you aren't in the forefront when the customer is ready to buy, your chances of receiving the order are pretty slim. Target those customers who will make a substantial difference and stay after them !!!


Happy New Year


Friday Funnies


A little girl had just finished her first week of school. 'I'm just wasting my time,' she said to her mother. 'I can't read, I can't write, and they won't let me talk!'

On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mother. It read, 'The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents ...'

Tech Briefs2016-01-15

Brochures for lead fulfillment are generally sent by email ... it can be our 8-page brochure, our 4-page sales flier or any combination of Technical Briefs. We would be happy to make them available to you in .pdf format to send to your customers. But I would be remiss if I did not share my feeling that there is nothing quite like a paper on your desk for a quick read ... especially if you scratch a quick note to your customer, pointing him or her to a benefit.

The above sheets are "Tech Briefs" and discuss three major advantages of using Watt-Flex cartridges:

Elimination of Bore Seizure ... beats any conventional cartridge
Even Temperature Profile ... particularly for packaging and heat seal applications
Reduce your Cost of Heating ... quintessential sales approach

Consider using them in your selling process ... they will add to the validity of your sales discussion and it's a good reminder to leave behind or send in with a note if your customer is tied up and cannot see you. Send an email to anyone at Dalton and we will be happy to send a supply of hard copy or in an email-able .pdf format.

Friday Funnies

God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day. He inquired, "Where have you been?"

God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"

"It's a planet," replied God, and I've put life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a place to test Balance."

"Balance?" inquired Michael, "I'm still confused."

God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor.

Over here I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. "Balance in all things."

God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."

The Archangel, impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land area and said, "What's that one?"

That's Virginia , the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and plains. The people from Virginia are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things."

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, "But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance."

God smiled, "Right next to Virginia is Washington, D.C. Wait 'till you see the idiots I put there !!!

Wire Flexing Support2016-01-08

Flexing of lead wires in an application may present a tough environment for a cartridge heater. Packaging, heat sealing and other processes that require a cycling of a heated bar or platen will stress a heater termination. In the Watt-Flex® cartridge heater construction, the wire is crimped into two hollow stainless pins extending from the end of the heater. If the flexing is concentrated at this point, the wire will fail prematurely because there is no additional support for the crimped nickel strands.

One excellent way to address this problem is with the use of a Clip Support. It is a small fixture that is added to the terminal end of the heater to simply displace the point of flexing.



The Clip Support is TIG welded onto the heater and crimps over the insulation of the wire. There is a teflon tube inserted under the crimp to stiffen the assembly and reduce stress on the wire. So the stranded wire is now supported by the primary insulation of the wire and the teflon sleeve, onto which the clip is crimped. The Clip Support can be provided in a straight or right angle configuration with the clip over or under the wire, a feature which must be specified.




Friday Funnies

While working for an organization that delivers lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my 4-year-old daughter on my afternoon rounds. She was unfailingly intrigued by the various appliances of old age, particularly the canes, walkers and wheelchairs. One day I found her staring at a set of false teeth soaking in a glass. As I braced myself for the inevitable barrage of questions, she merely turned and whispered, 'The tooth fairy will never believe this!'


Banner Year2015-12-31

Dalton Electric just finished the year with a higher percentage growth than any other year in this century. Our distributors were up 12% as a whole and provided a large contribution to our annual growth. With your help, our customers continue to learn and appreciate the value of Lower Cost of Heating.

Customer retention played a big part in this growth ... when they devalue analysis based on price of the heater and accept your recommendations to lower total heating cost, they tend to stay as long-term customers. After a sensational year, we at Dalton Electric want to extend our deepest thanks to each of you. We are motivated to enter the New Year to assist your efforts to keep and grow existing clients, as well as find and close new customers. Blessings to you for a happy, health and safe New Year !!!



"New Year's Day: now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual . . . New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls, and humbug resolutions."

...Mark Twain



2016 Planning II2015-12-24

Last week we discussed the opportunities of finding new accounts and expanding existing accounts as two means to growing your annual sales. The third way to expand your growth targets is to increase the average opportunity size. This involves cross-selling and upselling by studying applications of existing and new customers and increasing your situational fluency.

Communicating the value of your solutions will allow you to expand the size of every sale, with reduced discounts and concessions. For example, selling the elimination of bore seizure or the value of even temperature profile will allow you to upsell with a better heater solution.

And finally, win more sales opportunities. Improve your competencies by reading up on your products, understand their strengths in the market and sell them as value added opportunities for your customers. This requires personal improvement and taking a look at the way that you relate your products to the market. You will then be able to help your prospects understand increased value through a more professional presentation, laying the foundation for greater success in 2016.



The crew at Dalton Electric Heating wishes you a Merry Christmas !!!



2016 Planning2015-12-18

If you are anything like me, your favorite activity over the next two weeks (Christmas and New Years) will be 2016 planning. The new year presents a host of opportunities and the keys to an effective plan all lead to business expansion. The existing pipeline will take you into next year, so now is the best time to forecast and plan. I would suggest that there are four ways to prime and pump the pipeline, two of which I will discuss this week.

The first very obvious method is to find new account opportunities. This is a hard and slow process, but you just can't expect to grow your numbers without adding new customers to your existing base. You can do this geographically, using business listings in the cities where you normally make calls. Another method is to see what types of companies have provided success over the past few years and see if those types of companies exist elsewhere in your sales region.

The second, and probably easier and faster method is to retain and grow existing customers. These accounts are usually the most profitable source of revenue for you, as you have existing success and contacts to instantly add credibility to your sales pitch. Take some time to call existing contacts and ask if they are aware of any other opportunities for the products in your portfolio.



Friday Funnies


A piece of string walks into a bar and the barman tells him we don't serve string here. So the string goes outside and messes up his ends and ties himself up. He goes back inside and the barman says, "Aren't you that piece of string I just kicked out of here?" And the string says "No! ... I'm a frayed knot".

The Big Picture2015-12-04

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working with a distributor on a replacement for an existing design of a cartridge heater. We have had several meetings at Dalton Electric to design the best transition from heater to connecting wire, given apparent existing conditions of wire movement and contamination. We went through the process of sampling the heater, only to be told that the header we designed will not fit through a restrictive hole near the mounted heater.

So the project becomes rushed because we did not understand the whole picture. Now that we have an assembly drawing, we have been able to incorporate a newly designed header to accommodate the physical restriction. How could this delay have been circumvented? Designing in a vacuum can be prevented by an assembly drawing which shows the application and all of its physical constructs.

Simply replacing a cartridge heater can be done in many circumstances, but if you suspect that there is more to the application than meets the eye, a sketch, a photo or an assembly drawing certainly eases the process and increases everyones understanding. Getting it right the first time requires sound communication from customer to distributor to Dalton .. and a little foresight on the part of each !!!



Friday Funnies


Four fonts walk into a bar the barman says "Hey - get out! We don't want your type in here"

A man walks into a bar with a roll of tarmac under his arm and says: "Pint please, and one for the road."

A jumper cable walks into a bar. The barman says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything"

A priest, a rabbi and a vicar walk into a bar. The barman says, "Is this some kind of joke?"

Cool It !!!2015-11-20

Very occasionally a customer will contact you with a problem and an attitude, almost wanting to get into a fight. Quick action will help to resolve the issue, but specific steps must be taken.

1) An upset customer wants you to admit that an error was made before looking for a resolution. Identify the problem and, if it is an error, admit any wrongdoing.

2) Don't point your finger. Sometimes the customer is the party responsible for the error, but they don't like to be told that they messed up. Do not focus on the error that they made, but rather suggest the optimum method for doing it correctly in the future.

3) Try to establish some common ground and shared future action so that you are seen to be working together.

4) When everything has been resolved and your customer has calmed down, apologize for something ... the actual mistake ... miscommunication ... lost time in a project ... inconvenience on their part. This will help to cement your concern and understanding of the issue.

Friday Funnies

A shepard had a talking dog.
One evening he signaled the dog to put the sheep in the pen.
After the sheep were in the dog said, " All 400 sheep are in."
The shepard said," I only have 388 sheep!"
The dog responded, "I know, I just rounded them up."

Dalton Electric's Newest2015-11-13

Lisa Rizzari is the newest member of the Dalton Electric office, having joined us two weeks ago. She grew up in Massachusetts, spent a couple of years in Guam and 24 years on Oahu in Hawaii. She enjoyed some studies at the University of Hawaii and decided to return to her native state in 2010.

She brings experience as a computer retail sales rep, an extermination Customer Service rep and a Sales Assistant for an industrial Pipe and Steel company. Lisa underwent the same training that every office employee receives ... after a thorough indoctrination to the world of cartridge heaters, she spent a few days in production making heaters. She will be primarily working the marketing side of our business, qualifying leads and directing response in the field. Please welcome Lisa if you speak with her when you call in.

Friday Funnies

My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well, I was amazed, I never knew they worked.

My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We'll see about that.

I rang up the telephone company, I said, "I want to report a nuisance caller", he said "Not you again."

Life's Lessons2015-11-06

Facebook came alive with pictures of everyone's Halloween costumes and kids dressed up as every manner of character. All of the witches, ghosts, devils and super heroes were successful at hiding their real self by means of costume and makeup. Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters are another story. We strive for transparency ... no makeup or cloaking our performance ... just the best cartridge heater in the marketplace.

O.K., so most things in life cause me to think about heaters. I proceeded to open a box of breakfast cereal some time ago and found that it took nearly all my strength to break the bag's seal. It got me to thinking about our sealing methods at Dalton and caused me to sit down with our Production Manager. Now we have moved from an old wire impulse sealer to a ribbon sealer that ensures a consistent barrier against environmental moisture.

Last week we lost an under-the-cabinet flourescent bulb. It's a really odd size and I am still looking for a replacement, having been to several stores and specialty shops for bulbs. We have five of these fixtures and, when I find the bulb, you can be assured that I will be buying plenty of extras. When customers buy Watt-Flex heaters, it's always a good idea to encourage them to buy a few extras, particularly users who have a stock room and can't afford to wait through three weeks of lead time.

Friday Funnies

Three old guys are out walking.

First one says, 'Windy, isn't it?'

Second one says, 'No, it's Thursday!'

Third one says, 'So am I. Let's go get a beer..'


A man was telling his neighbor, 'I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art.. It's perfect.'

'Really,' answered the neighbor . 'What kind is it?'

'Twelve thirty..'

The Right Questions2015-10-30

We all get fooled occasionally, and when we do, it brings home the importance of asking the right questions and making sure the specification for a heater is correct. There are some things about a heater that we cannot see and cannot detect with a simple resistance check. Distributed wattage and specially designed cold sections are typical examples.

Often, cold sections in a heater are a function of the design and manufacturing limitations of the supplier. But sometimes we get fooled. Once we had a heater supplied as a sample from which to design. Using an x-ray, we pointed out the long cold tip to our customer as if it were a limitation of the heater. This Original Equipment Manufacturer came back (after they had supplied the whole spec to us) and said, "Oh, yes, we need that extra cold section at the end of the heater for our machine design."

The above picture shows a heater that was designed to have a specific area heated. If we followed the initial specification, we would have had a heated section where no heat sink existed. If you have any question about the heater after inquiring about any special heat profiling, send us the heater and we will perform a thermal study or x-ray to ensure that you optimize your sales opportunity.

Friday Funnies

The rule that I did not learn in English Class:

"I" before "e", except after "c", unless you run a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbor !!!

Customer Complaints (Continued)2015-10-23

Last week we discussed listening to those inevitable Customer Complaints. Here are a few more pointers in dealing with them. Avoid an Argument ... Don't make an issue of a complaint, even if you consider it groundless. Complaints are not resolved to mutual satisfaction if a contentious attitude exists.

Avoid meaningless excuses ... if the fault is yours or your suppliers, admit it with no alibis. Tell your customer that you will do your best to make the situation right. Don't let complaints and resolution linger ... they can be a source of friction, affecting your relationship. Get with your supplier and resolve the issue.

And always remember ... you are still selling !!! When your customer brings a complaint to you, they are expressing a recognition of the value that you bring to the relationship. Your solution must satisfy their need and re-establish their confidence in you.

Friday Funnies

Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical.

A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman on his arm.

At their next appointment, the doctor said to Morris, 'You're really doing great, aren't you?'

Morris replied, 'Just doing what you said, Doc: 'Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.''

The doctor said, 'I didn't say that.. I said, 'You've got a heart murmur; be careful.'