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TGID Newsletters

TGID (Thank Goodness It's Dalton!) Newsletters

Our short and sweet TGID newsletters are emailed every Friday to Dalton distributors. Sometimes you'll find a write up on a new cartridge heater or platen heater application, and other times you'll find tried-and-true selling tips. We also take the time to occasionally spotlight one of our many fine Dalton employees.

One thing you will always find in TGID is our Friday Funnies—this is sure to give you an end-of-week chuckle or smile. We invite you to read, learn, and enjoy TGID!

Stuck Heaters (continued)2012-09-21

Stuck Heaters (continued)

We received a very humerous accounting of a story from Texas that mirrored last week's TGID Newsletter:

"Your story could have been taken out of the recent call I made. A couple of months ago my customer was trying to remove a heater from a die head 22 inches long. They drilled for a few hours from both sides and keep getting out a white material and pieces of wire. It still would not come out.

Then they got a similar sized pipe with the exact I.D. to fit the 3/4 inch hole and got a sledge hammer and we went to work. During the next hour filled with much beating, more MgO and wire came out, along with a drill bit that had broken off years ago and had seized in the mold. Someone in the past had used a 6 inch & 8 inch heater from both sides, along with the 8 inch broken-off bit to replace the original 22 inch heater.

It took a genius to figure the heat transfer characteristics of the drill bit ... I'm sure they worked on it for days. They have put it on their wall of shame as a reminder. Dalton saved the day ... Saving molds every day."



Friday Funnies


Early one evening a gentleman scuttled out to his garage and pulled the lawn furniture out onto the driveway. Shortly after followed the lawnmower, a few gardening tools and a bicycle.

A curious neighbor wandered over and asked if he was going to have a garage sale.

"No," replied the gentleman, "my son just bought his first car and right now he's getting ready for a big date."

"So what's with all the stuff?" asked the neighbor.

"Well, after years of moving tricycles, toys and sports equipment out ofthe way every time I came home from work I wanted to make sure the driveway was ready for him."

Stuck Heater Solutions2012-09-14

Stuck Heater Solutions

Occasionally I enjoy reading my competitors websites ... this one almost qualifies for the Friday Funnies below. This particular site had a section called Case Studies, in which they addressed the problem of stuck heaters. A situation was described where a 20" long heater got stuck in the bore and cost the customer many hours of down-time to remove the heater. The study said that the customer called this manufacturer for an answer to their "sticky" situation.

They had two suggestions ... the first being that the customer should use two 10" heaters coming in from each side of the bore and affix a hex nut to each heater so that it could be broken free with a wrench. They also suggested coating the heater with an MgO based solution. Their other solution is using a knock-out tool that is the same size as the heater, so the customer would not mushroom the heater when pounding it out.

O.K. ... so how about using a Watt-Flex® split-sheath cartridge heater? Energize it and it expands for superior heat conductivity ... de-energize it and it contracts for warranted ease of removal. No down-time, no damage to the bore, no maintenance hours required. Very simply: Cut Your Cost Of Heating !!!




Friday Funnies


At a golf course, four men approached the sixteenth tee. The straight fairway ran along a road and bike path fenced off on the left. The first golfer teed off and sliced the ball in that direction. But the ball went over the fence and bounced off the bike path onto the road, where it hit the tire of a moving bus and was knocked back on to the fairway.

As they all stood in silent amazement, one man finally asked him, "How on earth did you do that?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "You just have to know the bus schedule."



Effective salespeople use every asset available to educate themselves, educate their customers and close orders. One often overlooked asset is the Watt-Flex® cartridge heater Video.

This video is most useful for self education, working through Features and Benefits of the continuous coil, tip options, MgO compaction, expansion when energized and contraction when de-energized. This video is effectively aligned with the presentation brochure and will ease your walking through each step. And it certainly is effective for educating your potential customers.

The video can be found on our website at:www.daltonelectric.comin the lower lsft side of the page. At your request, we would be happy to send a CD with the video available for download onto your computer for presentation.



Friday Funnies


A biology graduate student went to Borneo to take some samples for his thesis work. He flew there and found a guide with a canoe to take him upthe river to the remote site he where he would make his collections. About noon on the second day of travel up the river they began to hear drums. Being a city boy by nature, the biologist was disturbed by this. He asked the guide, "What are those drums?"

The guide turned to him and said, "Drums OK, but VERY BAD when they stop."

Well, the biologist settled down a little at this, and things went reasonably well for about two weeks. Then, just as they were packing up the camp to leave, the drums suddenly stopped! This struck the biologist and he yelled at the guide, "The drums have stopped! What happens now?"

The guide crouched down, covered his head with his hands and said: "Bass Solo!"

Application - Sheet Extrusion2012-08-31

Application - Sheet Extrusion

Sheet extrusion is a process that utilizes several of the unique benefits that are byproducts of the split-sheath design of the Dalton Electric Watt-Flex® cartridge heater. Sheet extrusion makes use of an extruder which feeds a sheet die. This die has a portal in the back and the plastic is spread within the die and pushed out through a thin lip to create a continuous web.

There are two features of an extrusion that make it perfectly suited for the split-sheath design. First, the heater is reasonably long, reaching to the lip of the die. There is usually a small knock-out hole to aid in heater extraction, but often the heater seizes up in the bore and requires hours in the maintenance shop to remove it. The split sheath eliminates this problem with energized expansion for better heat transfer and de-energized contraction for ease of removal.

And secondly, the die performs best when heat at the lip can be precisely controlled. The hot tip feature of the Watt-Flex heater allows the focused heat that enhances the performance of the die. Wide dies have heaters across the width, as seen in the picture above, making this an attractive application to pursue.



Friday Funnies


A man drove his secretary home from a late afternoon get-together of coworkers because she was drunk and unable to drive. Since nothing happened along the way between the two, the man decided not to mention the secretary to his wife.

Later that evening while the man was taking the wife to a movie, he noticed a high-heeled shoe under the passenger seat. So, he asked her to watch out her window for a parking spot close to the theater. While she was busy looking, he picked up the shoe and tossed it out of his window.

When they arrived at the theater and were about ready to get out of the car, his wife asked, "Sweetie, have you seen my other shoe?"

Closing Strategy2012-08-24

Closing Strategy

We have had a poster in the hall at Dalton Electric Heating for years. It certainly couldn't be more apropos to this TGID newsletter.

Create a match between your customer's needs and your solution.

Confirm your customers needs
Clarify the customer's pain points.
Compile and present evidence that your solution works.

Listen to all stakeholders involved.

Learn about the prospect's budget and financing. Look at the prospect's timetable Listen for obstacles and probe for delays.

Offer your solution with a viable alternative.

Outline your three major benefits that match uncovered needs. Openly discuss drawbacks - it will create trust. Obligate the customer to a timetable for the next steps.

Seek and confirm understanding of all points discussed.

Show that you care about a mutual win. Supply additional evidence if needed. Shift gears when needed - flexibility is crucial.

Engineer a commitment that lasts.

Encourage your buyer to agree with the benefits of your solution. Engage the buyer by asking for agreement on the timetable and finance. End the close by congratulating the buyer.


Friday Funnies


In an American history discussion group, the professor was trying to explain how societies ideal of beauty changes with time. "For example," he said, "take the 1921 Miss America. She stood five ft., one inch tall, weighed 108 pounds and had measurements of 30-25-32. How do you think she'd do in today's version of the contest?"

The class fell silent for a moment. Then one student piped up, "Not very well."

"Why is that?" Asked the professor.

"For one thing," the student pointed out, "She'd be way too old."

Application - Heat Seal2012-08-17

Application - Heat Seal

Platens are frequently used for Thermal Bonding or Heat Seal. They are either designed with the pattern of the product that they are sealing or as a base, onto which a form is bolted. Cartridge heaters are inserted into the side of the platen, moving with it in the sealing action.

Design concerns are: even profile heating across the platen, sufficient heat to maintain the set point recovery during operation, lead wire movement potentially causing breakage and eventual heater removal. Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters excel in every consideration.

Even temperature across the platen is guaranteed by the continuous coil, whereas conventional designs can lose a heater segment, causing a cold spot on the platen. Sufficient heat can be ensured by the higher internal insulation which is a product of superior swaging compaction.

Lead wire protection can be assured by use of Nickel leads (offering more integrity than NCC wires), the use of a clip support or a header an stainless hose. And finally, the ease of removal of the split design will eliminate machine down-time and damaging drill-out of seized conventional heaters. Dalton Electric is the obvious choice for cartridge heaters for Heat Seal applications.



Friday Funnies


After being with her all evening, the man couldn't take another minute with his blind date. Earlier, he had secretly arranged to have a friend call him to the phone so he would have an excuse to leave if something like this happened.

When he returned to the table, he lowered his eyes, put on a grim expression and said "I have some bad news. My grandfather just died."

"Thank Goodness," his date replied. "If yours hadn't, mine would have had to."

The Little Things2012-08-10

The Little Things

Often times it's the little things that have a big impact on the quality of a product. Dalton Electric Heating Co. pays attention to those little things. For example, we use a hollow core stainless steel pin as the transition between the heater's internal resistance coil and the connecting wires. Often times, other heater manufacturers will wind the coil onto the connecting pin and allow the pressure of the coil and compacted insulation to keep the contact. But that can build up resistance, creating a compromise to conduction of the current. Dalton Electric welds the coil to the pin twice, ensuring that it will not form a resistance joint.

On the other end of the pin, wire is crimped into the hollow core. First, the wire that is used is Grade "A" nickel, which has a coefficient of expansion under heat that matches that of the stainless pin. Years ago we had problems with that connection, but by working with crimping experts, we changed our crimping head and nest, dwell time and pressure. This maximized the effectiveness of the crimp to the point that a cross section of the pins shows that the stranding of the wire has become indistinguishable.

Our Quality Department periodically maintains the crimping equipment to ensure consistency. It's these little things that we do to make sure that Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters continue as the performance leader for you.



Friday Funnies


Scientists at NASA built a gun specifically to launch dead chickens at the windshields of airliners, military jets and the space shuttle, all traveling at maximum velocity. The idea is to simulate the frequent incidents of collisions with airborne fowl to test the strength of the windshields. British engineers heard about the gun and were eager to test it on the windshields of their new high speed trains.

Arrangements were made, and a gun was sent to the British engineers. When the gun was fired, the engineers stood shocked as the chicken hurtled out of the barrel, crashed into the shatterproof shield, smashed it to smithereens, blasted through the control console, snapped the engineer's backrest in two and embedded itself in the back wall of the cabin, like in arrow shot from a bow. The horrified Britons sent NASA the disastrous results of the experiment, along with the designs of the windshield, and asked the U.S. Scientists for suggestions.

NASA responded with a one-line memo ... "Thaw the chicken."

Goal Setting II2012-08-03

Goal Setting II

Knowing where you are going with a sales call certainly increases the likelihood of getting there. When some salespeople are asked the purpose of a call, they enthusiastically respond, "It's to get an order." Everyone's in favor of getting orders, but that is more likely to happen if the salesperson stops and asks, "What is the need of the prospect that I can try to serve? ... or, "which product is best for this account?"

Just because a salesperson is not making a formal presentation doesn't mean that the call shouldn't be planned. Sometimes a sales call has a limited objective. Guiding the customer in the direction of a pre-planned outcome is what experienced salespeople do.

They do it with simple questions like:

If we can meet the spec, can you set up a trial? How soon can we expect a decision from the Maintenance Manager? Can we schedule a meeting before the end of the month?



Friday Funnies


During an Army war game a commanding officer's jeep got stuck in the mud. The C.O. saw some men lounging around nearby and asked them to help him get unstuck.

"Sorry sir," said one of the loafers, "but we've been classified dead and the umpire said we couldn't contribute in any way."

The C.O. turned to his driver and said, "Go drag a couple of those dead bodies over here and throw them under the wheels to give us some traction."

Goal Setting2012-07-27

Goal Setting

Without a Goal for every call, a salesperson is just a well-paid tourist. Selling is not a complex process. It's just difficult to do on a consistent basis. It can be regarded as an art or a science ... I'm convinced that it is a little of each. But the discipline of selling starts with setting a pre-call objective.

A sales call must move systematically toward a sale. In some cases, establishing an objective only takes a minute before the call. Sometimes your objective is more complicated and may take on multiple steps or a series of goals. In any case, one simple question must be answered: If this call is successful, what will result?" Is it an order, a quotation or a commitment to supply a list?

Goal Setting

Taking the time to establish an objective for the call will set the selling process in motion. "Why am I walking through the door?" "What is the result that I am targeting?" "If they give me the opportunity, what will I recommend?" Given the cost of traveling to a call, it is essential that you are focused on a pre-determined goal.



Friday Funnies


The woman was always frequenting small antique shops, but regardless of what she saw there, she always complained about something. The quality was poor or the prices too high, or even the location.

The shop owners took it in stride, but one day, while ranting and raving, (and, as usual, not buying) she blasted at the clerk, "Why is it I never manage to get what I ask for in your shop?"

The clerk smiled and replied, "Possibly because we're too polite."

Far East Notes2012-07-20

Far East Notes

Eli traveled for a couple of weeks in the Far East, training Dalton Electric distributors and making joint sales visits on customers ... here are a few shared impressions:

Tokyo is a lovely city ... clean and well organized. The hotel room was incredibly small. All travel is by train and one can reach their destination more quickly be train that by car, as the roads are extremely slow going. Many sales agents travel exclusively by train. One can only take so much sushi ... on the 4th of July, I was longing for a burger, so I went on a long walk and found a Denny's, where I enjoyed a hamburger plate and a banana split.

Far East Trip 2012

Shangahi is a crowded city ... 25 million people packed into high rises ... no matter how high they were, there was always laundry hanging on the porch. It's pretty tough calling on a manufacturing facility where they make visitors wear a lab coat and the temperature is 103 degF with 85% RH. Food ... I think our distributor tested me to see how many different foods I would eat ... if it crawled, hopped, waddled, jumped, ran or flew, I ate it ... spiced heavily with peppers and sauces.

Far East Trip 2012

Singapore is a wealthy city/country ... extremely clean and orderly. Jay walking and chewing gum are prisonable offenses. The city is high tech with transponders in every car, controlling and taxing access to certain areas at certain hours. The shopping malls are glamorous and filled with high profile stores and the tourist locations are well publicized, attractive and just plain fun. The business community is vibrant and receptive to sales people and new ideas.

Far East Trip 2012


Friday Funnies


I assumed that some Chinese would speak English. However, I found that most people spoke only their native tongue, including the ticket inspector on the train. He punched my ticket, then chatted cordially for a bit, making gestures like a windmill. I simply nodded from time to time to show him that I was interested.

When he moved on, an American woman in the compartment leaned forward and asked if I spoke Chinese? "No," I confessed.

"Then that explains," she said, "why you didn't bat an eyelid when he told you that you were on the wrong train."

Frank Colantoni2012-07-13

Frank Colantoni

Dalton Electric is extremely sad to announce the passing of one of our most valued employees, Frank Colantoni. Frank had been a member of our Dalton family for 34 years and was loved by all. Throughout his employment with Dalton, he had done just about every task on the production floor, finally settling in the welding area. He was the one who welded your headers, flanges, mounting brackets, etc. Frank was always quick with a smile and became an instant friend to anyone who came to work at Dalton. He was kind, funny, generous and a dedicated employee.

When people who had worked closely with Frank over the years were asked if they would like to share a thought or two about Frank, this is what they had to say:"He was a kind, gentile, helpful and hardworking man."
"He was quick with a joke and even quicker still to help whenever needed. A man who will be missed."
"We are lucky to have known the sound of his laughter, his ever present smile and good spirit."
"He left his mark on everyone he came in contact with. One of the nicest people you would ever have met."Frank shared his life with his fiancé, Cindy. He leaves behind Cindy's three sons and sweet, beautiful Olivia, his five year old granddaughter. We mourn our loss, celebrate his life and are happy that we knew him.

Frank Colantoni: Dalton Electric

Dalton Electric 4th of July Celebration2012-07-06

Dalton Electric 4th of July Celebration

Happy Independence Day !!!

Dalton Electric July 4th Picnic 2012

Dalton Electric July 4th Picnic 2012

Dalton Electric July 4th Picnic 2012

Happy Independence Day!!!        


Friday Funnies


A young private sought permission from his Commanding Officer to leave camp the following weekend. "You see," he explained, "my wife's expecting."

"Oh..." said the Officer, "I understand. Go ahead and tell your wife that I wish her luck."

The following week the same soldier was back again with the same explanation: "My wife's expecting."

The Officer looked surprised. "Still expecting?" he said, "Well, well, my boy, you must be pretty bothered. Of course you can have the weekend off."

When the same soldier appeared again the third week, however, the Officer lost his temper. "Don't tell me your wife is still expecting!" he bellowed.

"Yes sir!" said the soldier resolutely, "She's still expecting."

"What in heaven is she expecting?" cried the Officer.

"Me," said the soldier simply.

A last note on MgO2012-06-29

A last note on MgO

Cartridge heaters use Magnesium Oxide (MgO) for internal insulation ... isolation of the resistance coil from the sheath of the heater. MgO is very hydrophilic ( it has a high affinity for water) and will suck up environmental moisture. When we ship heaters, they are sealed in a plastic bag with a desiccant to keep the heater dry.

When heaters are stored at a users location, it is best to keep them sealed in the bag in which they arrived. But our customers often apply a different level of care to inventory. Heaters are sometimes stuck in a drawer in an open bag after one or two are pulled out. Or they can be pulled out of the bag and placed on a shelf.

Dalton Electric MgO

A maintenance person may pull the heater out of the drawer some number of months later and install it in the machine, only to find that it trips the breaker, telling him that there is a short. Depending on the sensitivity of his circuit breaker, it could be absorbed moisture that is causing the problem. Simply drying out the heater will solve this dilemma.

This can be done by one of many ways: simply place the heater on a hot / warm surface of the machine for a time prior to installation. Or the heater can be energized at 1/2 voltage ... if it is a 240 volt heater, plug it into a 120 volt (household) circuit for 5 minutes. If you receive a complaint from a customer about a heater that appears to be shorted before it was even used, assure him that Dalton Electric 100% tests their heaters before shipping, and suggest that the customer might try drying out the heater before use.



Friday Funnies


A woman went to a computer dating service and said she didn't care about looks, income or background. All she wanted was a man of upright character.

Then a man came in and told them the only thing he was seeking in a woman was intelligence.

The service matched them together at once because they had one thing in common -- they were both pathological liars.

Insulation Density (cont.)2012-06-15

Insulation Density (cont.)

Last week we discussed compaction of the MgO insulation in a Dalton Electric Watt-Flex® cartridge heater and how that provided better di-electric value between the coil and sheath of the heater. But there is another benefit to the increasesd compaction of our split heater.

MgO is used as the insulation because it provides two characteristics: insulation and heat transfer. Compaction increases both of these properties. The cartridge is filled with the MgO in a crystalline form (nearly powder) and achieves a tight density through vibration of the heater. When the heater is swaged, this tightly packed Mgo becomes more like a ceramic in form.

Dalton Electric Cartridge Heater MgO Insulation

This increased heat transfer is key to the life of the heater, as a coil that runs cooler at a given set point temperature will last longer. And this feature works in concert with the superior contact of the split sheath with the walls of the bore. The heat moves more efficiently to the sheath of the heater and then into the bore and heat sink, markedly increasing the life of the heater. Watt-Flex is your key to reduced cost of heating !!!



Friday Funnies


Nature of the Universe:

Carl Zwanzig: "Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together...."

Douglas Adams: "There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."

Albert Einstein: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Unknown: "Astronomers say the universe is finite, which is a comforting thought for those people who can't remember where they leave things."

Insulation Density2012-06-08

Insulation Density

Compaction of Magnesium Oxide (MgO), the insulation material that isolates the coil in our Dalton Electric heaters provides several benefits that translate to superior performance for our customers. Compaction of MgO provides two enhancements to a cartridge heater: it increases the dielectric (insulation value) and the ability to transfer heat from the coil to the sheath. To begin, our filling process allows the MgO access to the outside and inside of the coil, providing very consistent application of the insulation material.

The swaging process compacts the insulation through diameter reduction. The secret to effective swaging is die design. At Dalton Electric, we have a number of very talented manual machinists with more years of experience than they would care to admit. This gives us complete process control of feathering the taper of the die and designing it to perfectly swage a heater for optimum compaction.

Dalton Electric Cartridge Heater MgO Insulation

Since we do not have a ceramic core as found in a conventional cartridge heater, we can swage much denser. This increased insulation will keep the current in the coil where it belongs. All MgO's ability to provide insulation value is decreased under extreme heat, but our increased compaction provides long life, even in situations of very high heat at up to 600 volts.



Friday Funnies


A soldier was asked to report to headquarters for assignment. The sergeant said, "We have a critical shortage of typists. I'll give you a little test. Type this," he ordered, giving him a pamphlet to copy and a sheet of paper, and pointing to a desk across the room that held a typewriter and an adding machine.

The soldier, quite reluctant to become a clerk typist, made a point of typing very slowly, and saw to it that his work contained as many errors as possible. The sergeant gave the typed copy only a brief glance.

"That's fine," he said. "Report for work at 8 tomorrow."

"But aren't you going to check the test?" the prospective clerk asked. The sergeant grinned.

"You passed the test," he replied, "when you sat down at the typewriter instead of at the adding machine."

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Uneven Heat

Cost of Heating