Uniform Temperature Profile

Unlike conventional cartridge heaters, Watt-Flex heaters use a continuous heating coil that allows for a more uniform temperature profile.

By varying the watt-density, Watt-Flex heaters can also be configured for customized temperature profiles with varying zones of heat along the heater.

Uniform Temperature Profile

Uniform sheath temperature is vital when molding heat-sensitive plastics where the temperature window between gate freeze-off and material degradation is very narrow. The test results below highlight the superior temperature profile along the length of a torpedo probe heated by a Watt-Flex heater.


Competitor’s Sectional Heater Results In Cold Spots and Uneven Temperature Profile

This heat profile of a conventional cartridge heater was generated by a customer. Note that the two cores in this heater produce about 75° F higher temperatures than the cold junction between them.

Watt-Flex® Continuous Coil Produces Uniform Temperature Profile

The continuous coil in the Watt-Flex® cartridge heater produces an even temperature along the length of the sheath.

Bore Seizure

Uneven Heat

Cost of Heating